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Chakra Crystal Energy Clinician | 01.Noviembre.18

Por The Awareness Shop

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Jueves 01/11/2018 16:00 hs.


The Awareness Shop, 180 Main St, New Paltz 12561

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Chakra Crystal Energy Clinician 16 week intensive course
Come once a week to the shop for hands on or join us at any time and go at your own pace
You can now take part by mail order Just give us a call. 845 255 5756 or visit our website

The handouts from these classes make a 327 page book for you to use as a reference guide for your Chakra Crystal Energy Therapy work.
This is a great course for Reiki Masters or anyone who wants to learn and know more about crystals, chakras and holistic healing, as well as a way to get started if you have no present understanding of chakras or crystals.
So many people said they wanted me to run the class again - so I am. Please sign up asap - we can only fit 18 people in.

This is a big commitment of time, in house the course runs every Thursday night from 3/2 through 6/14 from 7-9pm

The work here has been designed to bring in a much deeper understanding of the energies of crystals and the chakra system.
We will be using this knowledge for healing. Healing for the mind, body and spirit. Each week we will be going over one of the charkas and working to absorb and understand it’s true nature and meaning in our lives. After that we will explore corresponding crystals that work with those energy centers. Throughout the course we will take guided meditations and do loads of hands on exploration. You never know what you may learn about yourself. We will be taking a good long look into our personal temples and with any luck learn better how to truly care for ourselves and others as we grow healthy on our life’s journey.

I’m sure we will learn some interesting vocabulary words too, have some real pondering to do over some stories I will share with you and we may even really be drawn to go and seek out even more information, as with each question we seem to answer, several more questions tend to come into our view.

At the end of this course you will have over 325 pages of notes, a total of 65 crystals and a working knowledge of how to use them. So, naturally in the last class you will give and receive a supervised chakra crystal healing session and then your certification will be recorded.

$50 deposit and then $40 a week for 15 weeks $650 total. Keep in mind if you were to purchase the crystals individually they would over $300, plus you are getting written information, class lectures and experience and a certification.

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