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Chakra Flow Class | 16.Noviembre.18

Por Radiance Yoga

Fecha y Hora

Viernes 16/11/2018 15:45 hs.


Radiance Yoga, 701 Prince Street, Alexandria 22314

Acerca de esta actividad

Connect to your chakras, the subtle anatomy of the body. Class will open with 15 minutes of discussion followed by a flow class incorporating movement, meditation, breathing, mudra, and philosophy. Open to all levels of yoga experience.

• Learn about the physical relationship to the subtle energy of the body
• Practice postures and techniques to bring harmony to the chakras
• Deeply connect with your inner being
• Cultivate a vibrant and healthy life

Root: Grounding, stable practice focused on the legs, feet, and the physical identity
Sacral: Fluid, steady practice focused on the hips, low back, and the emotional identity
Solar Plexus: Powerful, heating, practice focused on the core of the body, twists and the ego identity
Heart: Open, balanced practice focused on the chest, upper back, and the social identity
Throat: Expansive, uplifting practice focused on the upper back, neck, and the creative identity
Third Eye and Crown: Introspective, peaceful practice focused on breathing, forward folds, and the connection to spirit

$20 drop-in or use your class pass

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