Chakras 101 -

Chakras 101
CUÁNDO Sábado 08/12/2018 11:30 hs.
DÓNDE The Lotus Wellness Spot, 107 25th St, Ogden 84401
CREADO POR The Lotus Wellness Spot

Join me on an exploratory journey of the 7 Chakra system. This class will be both introspective and interactive.

We will explore each Chakra on the levels of:

Self Development
Self Reflection
Movement Practices
Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
Crystal Singing Bowls
Practical, applicable knowledge to beneficially affect your every day life.

I, Nick Mann, will be your guide on this journey. I am both confident and competent to lead you on this journey inward.

You will gain new, beneficial, vantage points to relate to the world from. Deep peace of your entire being, and a new way to honor yourself body, mind, and spirit.

In this class we will be affecting our energy, frequency, and vibration in a most powerful way to experience balance, harmony, and alignment of our chakras and our highest selves.

Class fee is $20

Ways to sign up for this class:

1- Arrive early and pay at the door (Payments MUST be made directly to Nick Mann directly if paying at the door, not to Lotus. Thank you)
2- Nick Mann-12 @ Venmo
107 25th St, Ogden 84401
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