Divine Darkness 2018 -

Divine Darkness 2018
CUÁNDO Sábado 10/11/2018 4:30 hs.
DÓNDE Digital Chakra, Bangalore
CREADO POR Digital Chakra

Digital Chakra is back with another massive editon of underground psychedelic gathering

Get ready to dance in the magical woods to some intense dark psychedelic music.


Demoniac Insomniac
(Active Meditation Music)

(psylienz records)

(metadimension Music)

Cosmic Buddha
(digital Chakra Recs)

Mental Mushrooms
(vanaghotra music)

Digital Punk
(G marley Recs)

(trisulam Tribe)

(Digital Chakra Recs)

(digital Chakra recs)

(Digital Chakra recs)

Hitech Micra
(psystation recs)

Mayan Project
(sacred Illusion)

Food & Beverages available at the venue, Camping facility available
Ethnic organic decor, mind blowing 3D mapping & crazy visuals.

Artist Bio:


Demoniac Insomniac is Boris Kirov from Macedonia, owner of Active Meditation Music.

He started to freak out and make music in 2004. He is a music shaman, exploring madness, from heaven to hell, from sanity to insanity, playing long and powerfull sets ranging from 150 up to 200 Bpm.

His music is often being played by many Dj’s all around the world, including Goa Gil, Dj Iguana, Dj Mutaro, Djane Moksha and many others.

Released music on labels like: Active Meditation Music, Rockdenashi Productionz, Temple Twister Records, Avatar Records, Lamat Records, 5th Element Records, Mind Expansion Net, Ultiva Records, 9th Circle Records, Shaman Films, Samana Records & more!

Compiled by Demoniac Insomniac
VA - Circle Of Life (2008)
VA - Anahata (2009)
VA - Midnight Adventures (2009)
VA - Tandava Dance (2010)
VA - Mindwar (2010)
VA - Cosmic Gathering (2011)
VA - Spiritual Science (2012)
VA - Mindwar 2 (2013)
VA - Sacred Sound Temple (2014)
VA - Sacred Sound Temple 2 (2014)
VA - Sacred Sound Temple 3 (2015)
VA - Spiritual Science 2 (2016)

Demoniac Insomniac - Underground Resistance EP (2008)
Demoniac Insomniac - Power Of Destruction LP (2012)
Demoniac Insomniac - Trimurti (2013)


HUMBABA , is the darkpsy project name for Fady Fawaz born in Lebanon 1986, the name originaly reffers to the mythical guardian of the cedar forest in the legendary epic of gilgamesh, at the early age of 16 he started experimenting with music and analogue loops and later on progressed to producing psychedelic sounds.
He began his psytrance career in 2008 under the alias of "Kurama" .
In 2010 he became the founding father of the Lebanese psychedelic community " PSYLIENZ " that was responsible for the rise of the outdoor psychedelic rave system in the region among other efforts . Soon enough, Psylienz turned into a music label with worldwide recognition and a large middle eastern fanbase of hardcore ravers and followers that has organized many festivals and parties, and has proudly taught, created and sponsored many talented artists throughout the years.



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