Full Beaver, White Moon Yoga Nidra Meditation & Healing Session -

Full Beaver, White Moon Yoga Nidra Meditation & Healing Session
CUÁNDO Domingo 18/11/2018 8:00 hs.
DÓNDE The Chakra Shoppe, 5034 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago 60625
CREADO POR Sadalsud Espacio Tienda Saludable

Yoga Nidra is an ancient, tantric yogic practice used to reset and align the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies with the vision and power of your personal intention. Deep guided meditation and healing session, tapping into the matrix of your energy field.

Setting Sankalpas/intentions for this eighth lunar month Kartikha Purnima and Full Beaver, White Moon period (Thur. Nov. 22nd, 11:39 pm CST). This watery Full Moon in the earthy sign of Taurus (sidereal) in the 10th House, an indicator of Profession, Success, Father, Reputation, an Artha/purpose/goal house. Opposite the Moon is the fiery Sun, with etherial Jupiter, and earthy, retrograde Mercury (Nov.17 to Dec. 6), in the watery sign of Scorpio, in the 4th House, an indicator of Mother, Happiness, Property, a Moksha/liberation house. Venus is now direct since Nov. 16th.

In Yoga Nidra, we focus on these energies. Finding the balance between what is and what you are becoming in this healing meditation. Staying grounded and letting the waters of the Mind to still, diving deep into the flow of the Souls' origin. Shedding, letting go of the past, dying to old ideas of ourselves, resurfacing, refreshed, renewed. Aligning body & mind to the Souls' calling, along with energetic healing.

With Lillian Irene Lovas, teacher and practitioner: Energy Therapy, Akashic Records, Pendulum, Yoga Nidra & Vedic Astrology
Sunday, Nov. 18th, 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. $15
5034 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago 60625
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