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Chinese Yoga Longevity Exercises, Tai Chi & Chi-Kung | 24.Octubre.18

Por International School of Healing Arts

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Miércoles 24/10/2018 9:00 hs.


International School of Healing Arts, Thamova 7, 18600 Praga

Acerca de esta actividad

Join us in Karlin for LONGEVITY exercising with Seymour, Zen Touch Shiatsu master and a teacher of Holistic healing methods.

Explore the ancient Art of Chinese Yoga more commonly known as Nei Kung ( means Internal Training) These are the same postures/asanas that originated in India and were adapted to Chinese Philosophy over 2000 years ago. Bruce Lee was the first Chinese native to introduce these practices to the western world. The most famous practitioner of these practices was Li Cheng - Yuen who was documented/verified by the New York Times to live 250 years. More about Chinese Yoga https://isoharts.com/portfolio-post …
** iSOHA is a registered Non- Profit organization based in both Czech Republic and USA. This activity is non-profit based. Activity hosts and group consuls are not getting commission or any other financial benefits for organizing this event. Participants may make a donation (200 Kc suggested/no obligation) if they would like to support the cause of Holistic Healing.

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