Integral TaiChiEasy/Qigong(ChiKung) - Buenos Aires

Integral TaiChiEasy/Qigong(ChiKung)
CUÁNDO Jueves 25/10/2018 7:00 hs.
CREADO POR Harmonic Pulse Wellness

**No classes Thanksgiving week.
Join us to deepen your relaxation. We start with the beautiful slow, mesmerizing Qigong/ChiKung. Simple, gentle rhythmic movements, which allow your to discover your healer within.
Feel this calm vitalizing Qi flow, and let it become your Best Frequency Friend (BFF).
TaiChiEasy!! More sequential movements, yet with the same, grounded, slow flow.
Wellness within happens in these timeless practices ~ Ancient/modern/now ~~
There is a charge and a pre-registration discount. Please go to the website, fill out the submission form with your email. I will send you a flyer.
Happy Flow Always ~ Jacki

***Red Rose Inn Pizzeria***
5915 Hamilton Ave., Park behind the building in the free parking lot between Cedar and Marlowe Aves. Come in the back door. Bring a water bottle; wear comfortable clothes.
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